SetiSMART Technology Bionetic Integration:


Core Scientific Principles & Observations of
Computerized Cognitive Brain Training


1. Our 20-year 501 (c) (3) Research observations posit that all software Brain Training programs are safe, musical stimulation that create electro-magnetic micro-current. We can either CHARGE or DISCHARGE the nervous system by the sounds we take in through both air and bone conduction. Therefore programs can be personalized to be energizing or calming to cell structure. Speed of Sound™ patented conduction delivers micro sound-waves more than 13 times faster than the speed of sound through air conduction. This engages Parasympathic systems to Reset Brain Function and Circadian Rhythm.


2. A state of coherence between the heart rhythm and brain wave patterns can be reached using SetiSMART software Sacred Sound Codex. We believe they are sacred because they connect accupoints on the ears which interface the body’s physical matrix to the spirit, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. This coherence affects the Autonomic Nervous System and entrains or synchronizes the body’s various rhythmic oscillatory patterns to a state of balance. (homeostasis).

Image664.JPG 3. SetiSMART Method phase-lock software promotes Communication between the heart and brain. This is actually a dynamic, ongoing, two-way dialogue, with each organ continuously influencing the other’s function. The Vagus nerve is an important feedback loop between the 5 Element Traditional Chinese Medicine systems which connect to and are influenced by the ears natural function. In states of high heart rhythm coherence, individuals demonstrate significant improvement in cognitive performance.

Image672.JPG 4. SetiSMART Method promotes Entrainment (phase lock) of the mind and heart rhythms which then produces physiological effects. Observable Benefits: Stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenalin and glucagon can be reduced and DHEA can be increased. Sleep patterns usually improve. Digestion and absorption of nutrients is enhanced. These are all results of circadian rhythm coherence in the 5 Element Chinese Model of Medicine.


Image683.JPG Image690.JPG 5. Specific fractions of audible sound have the Inherent Power to organize biological cells into coherent function. Decreased of noise in the brain contributes to clear thinking and memory retention. Sound was the organizing factor in the Water Element in utero for our body and mind during gestation. Therefore sound entrainment therapy has the potential to stimulate brain cell growth (neurogenesis) and organize coherent brain function for children, teens and adults.



6. The ear acts as a generator & battery to the brain and body, Beyond the primary function of hearing, This function of the inner ear (both vestibular and cochlear) converts sound waves to electro-chemical energy that charge the neo-cortex of the brain. This significantly increases the Mitochondrial Electron Transport for cellular respiration and energy. This increases micro circulation.


Image706.JPG 7. Perception of sounds is how we “take in the world” and this is affected by the physiological health of brain. Anticipated psychological factors involving perceived trauma associated with past emotional events can repattern using SetiSMART Method. Traumatic brain injury to the soft tissues can be ameliorated using SetiSMART programs. This affects mental and physical health at any neuro-developmental age of each person.


Image715.JPG 8. SetiSMART Method is Entrainment of left and right brain. This affects the sensory integration of brain neurology for the development of all five senses. Central auditory integration, vestibular motor control of large and small muscles for Balance, posture, ocular-motor eye muscles, and tactile information centers in the brain affecting taste, touch, and smell, can all be stimulated (excitatory) or calmed (inhibitory) using this sonic technology.

Image726.JPGFight or flight response, and other anxiety issues can be lessened using SetiSMART Method which uses fractal sound therapy. This causal chain then has an effect that promotes deeper breathing and calmer heart rhythms and therefore improved balance of oxygen, Nitric Oxide, and CO2—chemicals needed for proper brain function.


Image733.JPG Image741.JPG

9. SetiSMART software has medical codes & is Prescription strength. For APD: Auditory Processing Dysfunction Programs use Duration, Intensity, and Frequency specific to the individual after initial Evaluation. They are designed to stimulate and adapt brain wave changes. These sequential programs are dynamic and personalized. This is a step by step brain developmental process.


10. SetiSMART © Method affects mental clarity, memory, speech, and a full spectrum of cognitive function. The conscious ear is entrained to listen actively; the soul awakens to receive information through the physical vehicle of the brain, and integrates information through the sensory channels. The listener can begin to communicate and express through voice or movement during advanced programs. This differs from “hearing” which is a measure of physical ability, not conscious focus. The quality of an individual’s listening ability will affect not only spoken and written language development but also all communication which shapes social development, confidence, self-awareness and self-image. This is the ability to listen to one’s own thoughts and feelings from the heart and then connect expressively to others. SetiSMART technology awakens the soul to consciousness.

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11. SetiSMART Method affects Emotional states through conscious active listening. Positive emotions are enhanced during the brain training session. Positive feeling states, like a heart that feels appreciation rather than anger, frustration or fear, can result in highly ordered and coherent HRV (heart rate variability) patterns, generally associated with enhanced cardiovascular function. This affects calm breathing rates, which in turn, affect oxygen uptake into the brain for continued clear and coherent thinking. Psycho-Neuro-Immunology research applications abound.

Image799.JPG 12. SetiSMART Method influences Human bonding and social interaction. These rely on coherence and entrainment to each other. Blocked states of mental awareness (i.e. depression, anxiety, Concussion and TBI injury, Autism and ADHD, etc.) involve the misperception and/or blocked integration of the meaning of sounds and its psychological meaning. The ear (and the biological network in the brain) can be retrained using SetiSMART sound entrainment for the purpose of unfolding the conscious abilities of the individual. Creativity, 2nd language skills and adult work site HR for increased productivity are proven track record projects during the past 20 years.

Image809.JPG 13. SetiSMART Method promotes the integration of brain hemispheres, with the “directing ear” usually being the right ear for physiological Vagus nerve asymmetrical function. Coherence of the left and right sides of the brain is achieved through personalized Programs. The right ear promotes left brain centers for perception of high frequencies needed for speech, vocal control, rhythmicity and logical thinking. The left ear’s role enhances perception of low frequencies or “soundscape” that help to form background depth perception and convergence with vision neurology. However, Left ear dominance is sometimes a cause of emotional volatility. Mixed dominance can be a causal link to dyslexia, SI or Sensory Integration disorders or stuttering.

Image818.JPG 14. SetiSMART Method improves vocal resonance and articulation. Our voice (vocal spectrograph) can only duplicate the sounds that we can hear or perceive correctly (The Tomatis Effect). This feedback loop is an invisible stimulus of micro-current energy that links the ear, brain, and voice. Therefore our own voice (harmonic resonance, tone, flexibility and rhythmic qualities) is an auditory picture of the health and coherence of our brain. Our own voice can effectively emit sounds that keep our brains energized and healthy. This is the goal at the conclusion of programs.

Image825.JPG 15. SetiSMART Method - Sound Entrainment Programs can address allergy and auto-immune issues which cause stress. This enhances human performance and organizational effectiveness. This research has a 55 year history of ongoing clinical, educational, and scientific settings worldwide.

Image835.JPG16. SetiSMART Method Regular use of Sound Entrainment programs generate profound psychological and physiological benefits and facilitate the conscious unfolding of human potential. Learning, self-awareness, evolution of being. Young adults and teens maturation evolves into creativity with less emotional volatility.

Image847.JPG17. SetiSMART © technology combines the breakthrough delivery system of pulsed gating directly on auricular acupoints, fractal harmonics and trans-cerebral conduction. The hardware component includes specifically adapted professional studio Headphones that deliver laser focused sound directly through the mega portal of the ear acupuncture points on and around the ears and bones.

This integrative software/hardware includes:

  • Expanded WAVE software formatting for harmonic resonance enhancement.
  • Specifically designed “Pulsed-Gate™” audio bursting for ear acupoint stimulation.
  • Both Ayurvedic & Chinese Medicine systems model integrative Brain Training Technology.
  • Binaural beat hemisphere integration.
  • Bone Transducer Conduction for SPEED OF SOUND™ DELIVERY.

In a world of toxic sound distortion and disharmony, this new sonic sound tool and therapy is intentionally developed for the purpose of restoration of mental clarity and emotional well being. In a word: healing to the hearts and minds of heaven’s children and families everywhere.

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