The Sound Legacy Association helps to support
the ISHIM Perpetual Endowment Education Fund.

The Goal set in place since 1997 is $5 million by 2017.

The Founding Directors of Your Health Your Choice Foundation, began this goal in 1997. They established a 501 (c) 3 Non profit corporation, and funding is received each year from individuals like yourself, National agencies and Faith Based foundations. This funding allows us to further the Research and continuing clinical work of restoring health and brain fitness to children with learning challenges such as Autism, ADD, ADHD, PDD, Cerebral Palsy, and their support for their families around the globe.

As a sustaining DONOR or Active DONOR, We appreciate your new relationship with us and hope that you understand the mission we have to “Being the Change we wish to see.” In Christian terms, our intention is to bring the Spirit of Love to our hearts, and the Light of Truth to our minds. This is the purpose and change we wish to embody in all our work. When Love and Light are present, Heaven on earth can be a reality. We welcome your thoughts, your encouragement, and your donation of time or substance to this outreach.

There are two FORMS we would like to email to you. Please request them.
These delineate the purpose of the Sound Health Association and the Letter of Intention which each family must complete before being accepted into our training and health programs.  You are invited to consider this information, and we give you an invitation to join the Association as either a Sustaining Member or an Active Member.
Karyne Richardson, BEP, APP
Institute for Sound Health & Integrative Medicine
Director of Education Graduate Studies


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