ISHIM Faculty

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Dr. Groesbeck

C. Jess Groesbeck, M.D.

Foundation Mentoring
Psychiatry–Preventive Medicine
Psychotherapy, Jungian Psychoanalysis
Neuropsychiatry, Family Systems Psychotherapy
Medical Meditation—Guided Imagery
Breathing Exercises, Shamanic Drumming
Legal Medicine and Evaluations
Corrective Natural Hormone Therapy
Detoxification of Heavy Metals
Chelation-Biochemical and Nutritional Therapy

Karyne Meads-Richardson

Karyne Richardson BEP, APP

Director of Graduate Studies in PNI

Neuro Scientist, Researcher, Clinician, Author
Environmental Toxicologist
Certified Chopra Ayurvedic Instructor since 2004
Speech Pathologist & Balance Therapist
Diplomat PMA Counselor
Ortho Molecular Nutritionist
Bio-Medical and Quantum Energy Medicine
Homeopathic Allergist
Brain Fitness Specialist—Autism through Dementia Spectrum
Stress Management personalized training

Ms. Richardson was nominated in 2007 for the National Institute
of Health Pioneer Research GRANT for $2.5 million for five years.

Dr. Viola Frymann

Doctor Viola Frymann, Emeritus Advisor

Headed by Dr. Viola Frymann, D.O., the Osteopathic Center for Children in San Diego, CA has been a strategic partner in furthering the research and work of unfolding healthy brain fitness for children.  The marvelous 30,000 sq.ft. Facility located in the Mission Valley area, meets the needs of children who travel there from all over the world.

Dr. Frymann is recognized worldwide as honorary head of Osteopathy and is well known for treatments for children with brain disorders, birth trauma, seizures and functional and neurological disabilities.


Dr. Shawn Centers, D.O.

Osteopathic Center for Children San Diego, CA Research Scientist focusing on the causal chain of endocrine disruption by pesticides, petroleum-based chemicals and plastics that contribute to Autism Spectrum disorder.

Dr. Centers welcomes the use of combined therapies with Vision Developmentalists physician Dr. Claude Valenti O.D., and The Institute for Sound Health and refers their patients for best outcome in (ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorders and (PDD) Profound Developmental Delay cases. This facility has lecture halls and training rooms, which the Institute for Sound Health & Integrative Medicine has been invited to use for public education and evaluation services.


Dr. Richard Hansen, DMD

Fullerton, CA Research scientist into metals in the mother’s mouth as a causal chain reaction to brain wave impedance. Vice President of SABA International EEG Research Association.


The Comprehensive Health Center in Fullerton, CA has also supported our work through funding of educational products and offering a portion of their offices as we evaluate children in Orange County, CA. Dr. Richard Hansen DMD has been most helpful in continuing research into causal chain effects of mercury and all heavy metals in the mother’s mouth during her pregnancy when a child is then diagnosed in subsequent years with autism.


This research is ongoing. He is also the Vice President of SABA (Society for the Advancement of Brain Analysis) along with the President, Dr. Barry Sterman MD. Dr. Sterman is head of the Neurology Department College of Medicine Research UCLA. Their Society is a worldwide research association of scientists using EEG and other modalities to influence and/or observe brain function. When we were invited to the first International Conference in 2004, Dr. Sterman welcomed us saying that “cross pollination is good for the gene pool.” Funding is needed to partner with SABA for combined research and statistical results which can then be published in JAMA or other medical journals.


Dr. Fred Bohman

Dr. Fred Bohman, DrS Nutrition  

Fred was one of the developers of the outdoor survival and rehabilitation programs teaching at Brigham Young University in the late 1960s.  He taught in the College of Health and Human Performance. Fred has worked as a plant pathologist and has lived and worked in 27 countries. Dr. Bohman was one of the first Peace Corp Volunteers, where he served and developed community agricultural and educational programs. Fred has designed hundreds of nutritional products for nationally recognized chains.