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The Institute for Sound Health & Integrative Medicine is dedicated to helping children and young adults learn more effectively. We also now serve adults who want to promote and maintain healthy brain fitness. If you are a health professional and want to apply to the Graduate programs offered at the Institute, please contact us directly.

Director of Education Karyne Richardson heads a team of professionals at four locations in the U.S. that specialize in the development of children and young adults. We use comprehensive mind/body wellness programs which include Food as Medicine, Sonic Biofeedback, Nutrition specific to Brain neurological development, Environmental toxicology testing, Endocrine disruptor testing, neuro-modulator regulation protocols to improve Brain Fitness at any age, Immune System Dysbiosis testing, as well as psychological, and educational techniques. Medical advisor and visiting Faculty member to the Institute is Dr. C. Jess Groesbeck M.D. Psychiatrist and Neurologist.

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We evaluate and treat:

• Learning Disabilities
• Attention Disorders in Children (ADD/ADHD) 
• Attention Disorders in Adults (ADD/ADHD)   
• Autism
• Dyslexia
• Speech and Language Disorders
• Developmental Coordination Disorder
• Cognitive Guidance for High Achievers

We offer and connect to a network of providers
who use a multi-disciplinary approach in:

• Cognitive Neurology • Neuropsychology
• Clinical Psychology • Educational Psychology
• Cognitive Therapy • Behavioral Therapy
• Sonic Biofeedback • Speech Therapy
• Individual Tutors • Physical Therapy
• Occupational Therapy • Family Therapy
• Art Therapy • Phytonutritional Therapy

Individualized Program

Each child is unique and should have an individualized program created to help him/her. In order to create an appropriate program for each child, an accurate Comprehensive Evaluation is essential.


Our team performs a thorough evaluation and creates a program that is appropriate for the specific needs of your child. Our team works in collaboration with parents, teachers, school counselors, and pediatricians. We identify the problems that are getting in the way of learning. We formulate a specific, coordinated plan to address the difficulties so that proper learning can successfully occur.

Voyage into Recovery

Treatment may include a combination of: an individualized Sonic-Biofeedback therapy, and Phytonutrition, if needed. When indicated, there are educational programs for parents to implement at home, tutoring, and behavior modification Mind/Body techniques.

Neural Science

It is not unusual in children with specific learning and behavioral problems, that certain connections among nerve cells and groups of specialized areas of the brain are not yet developed properly. In many cases, the chemicals and receptors that mediate this development are deficient. When repaired, and if properly stimulated by specific methods, the brain develops the appropriate and normal connections. Normal learning ensues.

Research and Funding

All programs are underwritten by Your Health Your Choice Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 Non profit since 1997. Grants and scholarships for families with financial need can be requested on line at: We welcome your generous donation today. Help us unlock the potential inside each child we serve.