Web Training and Conferences

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Departments within the Institute for Sound Health and Integrative Medicine hold conferences, symposia, and quarterly translational investigative seminars.

Health professionals from cross disciplines are invited as keynote speakers and symposium presenters.

All education and health-care professionals are invited to attend these one-to-three-day events which will be hosted by ISHIM. Please visit our Web site often and look for current and future events of interest to you.

If you would like to receive ongoing updates of these events, please send us an email to get on our email list.

Special arrangements have been made with Courtyard Marriott in Saint George, Utah for accommodations and buffet breakfasts. Please make sure to note your affiliation with Your Health Your Choice Foundation (435-673-5599) to receive the special rates.

Please email us with the names of presenters whom you would specifically like to have us invite. Also, let us know what topics of interest you would like to have covered at the 2009 seminars.


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