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There are some students that are accepted into the program, who do not enroll soon after acceptance. The time limits on the program are based on the acceptance date, not the enrollment date. If a student that is accepted into the program does not enroll within three months of acceptance, they must reapply.

If, for some reason, that student cannot enroll within three months after being accepted, they may submit a written request for a suspension of application. If it is granted from the Institute, then they may enroll within the three-month time period without having to reapply. However, they may have to reacquaint themselves with the policies of the Institute, and bring their file current with the necessary papers if there have been any changes during the three-month suspension. Suspensions, as well as leaves of absence, are not guaranteed; they are granted solely at the discretion of the Institute.


If a currently enrolled or graduate student’s spouse or family member is interested in enrolling into the program and are able to share the same course materials, they may enroll at a discount (please see fee schedule in Course 100 Certification). Otherwise, there is no discount for spouses or family member enrollments.


All courses are copyrighted by the Institute for Sound Health and Integrative Medicine™. Distribution of the materials does not transfer ownership of the intellectual property contained within the course materials to the student. Students disseminating course materials to others are in violation of copyright laws. Violators will be prosecuted and expelled from the program. All student papers submitted to the Institute are released to the Institute for research and publication uses.


Course forums and class help sessions are available for enrolled students. If a student is accepted into the program but not yet enrolled, they must enroll prior to being allowed into the forums and help sessions. Forums are designed to broaden the scope of the student’s core knowledge, make them aware of complementary modalities, etc. Help sessions are for students seeking assistance in understanding the course materials and test procedures. At this time, there is a nominal fee for class help sessions and forums. All functions are facilitated by Institute staff and certified instructors.


Course forums and class help sessions are for actively enrolled students. Friends and family members of students are not allowed to attend, unless they are actively enrolled. An individual may attend one course forum by invitation if they or their spouse are anticipating enrolling in the Institute—otherwise no guests are allowed


All students will behave in a professional manner and will follow the direction of the instructors or owners of the clinics. Any behavior that disrupts the office environment, classes or forum continuity, or otherwise impedes the learning process, will not be tolerated; and students will be asked to leave. Continued behavior in such a manner will ultimately lead to expulsion from the program.


Graduation is held yearly, in May. Those who meet all necessary certification requirements prior to the respective graduation deadlines (April 15) may be awarded their certificates during the graduation ceremony or may receive their certificate by mail if they prefer.


If a student requires additional time to finish the courses, they may extend the time to be considered for a certificate by paying tuition for additional quarter(s) of study. A six-month extension is $250 (one quarter). A one-year extension is $500 (two quarters).

A student may extend for as many quarters as needed, but they must be actively enrolled in the program with paid tuition to participate in course forums and help sessions. Any student whose time has expired must extend; otherwise they are not considered enrolled in the program and are not able to participate in class help sessions or course forums.


A student can request a leave of absence from the Institute if they need to take personal time, have a family emergency, or become ill. A request must be made in writing, stating the amount of time requested (up to six months). If it is approved, leave will begin as the date of notification to the Institute. Leave of absence is for unavoidable catastrophic situations affecting the student.

During such time, the student’s status is placed in suspension, and their remaining time (as of the time leave was granted) is held in suspension, until their return. Upon return, the student must notify the Institute in writing that they are ready to return, and then the remaining unused time begins from the notice of the student’s intent to return as of a specific date. If the leave of absence is ended earlier than the originally requested time, the student may return upon the notice of intent to return, and begin attending course forums and help sessions. Should they not return within the allotted time, they will be automatically withdrawn from the program.

Students on leave are considered temporarily withdrawn from the certification program and are not to attend forums, class help sessions, tutorials, etc; otherwise it will be interpreted by the Institute that the student has ended their leave of absence, and they are returning to program. If that is the case, the Institute will notify them that their actions have ended their leave of absence and their allotted time from meeting certification requirements is again active.

Upon their return, they will need to reacquaint themselves with the current policies, and reestablish the active file, regardless if no policies have changed during the absence. Students returning from leave of absence will be required to adhere to the current policies of the Institute and sign new admission papers. Should the student not re-sign, they will not be readmitted into the program.

A student may request that another student take notes from them; however, a non-student will not be allowed to perform this function. Course forums are generally taped, and will be available to order after the student returns from their leave of absence.

A student will be allowed a maximum of one personal leave, and will have to extend that leave, if their personal situation has not resolved, and they still need more time to meet graduation requirements.


A student that has voluntarily withdrawn or was withdrawn involuntarily (expelled) from the program, may reapply by submitting an application to the Institute and repaying the non-refundable application fee, lab fee, and at least one-quarter of the tuition. Acceptance will be determined solely by the Institute. Factors that will be considered will be the student’s past performance, reason for leaving, and any other issues that might have lead to the withdrawal. If the student so desires, they may also submit a letter stating the circumstances involved in why they are no longer enrolled, and what specifically has changed in their life that would now allow them to actively pursue the certification program. This is considered a reapplication, and they are required to start over from the beginning. No credit will be given for tests taken.


Advanced programs are available. There will be a listing on explaining the certification system and defining the classifications, so that clients will be aware that advanced course graduates will be able to charge higher fees based on their level of certification.